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Reach Your Audience

OpenBroadcaster’s suite of reliable, cost effective hardware & software solutions keep your station running smoothly, so you can focus on the important things like growing your audience by diversifying content, adding new programming, and attracting on-air personalities from outside your local area. See what we can do for you.




Alert Your Audience

OpenBroadcaster specializes in developing emergency alerting solutions for the broadcast sector, globally. Our alerting systems work anywhere in the world, using standardized protocols designed to operate within a variety of broadcast environments including AM/FM radio, cable & terrestrial TV, and digital signage.



Radio for the Rest of Us!

OpenBroadcaster provides effective, affordable and reliable solutions for radio stations that don’t fit the ‘Big Radio’ model. 

OpenBroadcaster was created by people who know and care about radio because we are in the business of owning and operating radio stations ourselves.   We were tired of being offered expensive and outdated broadcasting solutions from suppliers who just weren’t focused on what we needed to be successful.  We started OpenBroadcaster to design and build products that would help our operations – and, in so doing – support stations facing challenges similar to our own.

OpenBroadcaster’s suite of radio automation, media-asset management and emergency alerting tools can help your station reach and serve its audience without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. 

Whether you own an independent commercial radio station in a small rural community, or a not-for-profit station in a major urban centre, you deserve options. With OpenBroadcaster you now have a choice.


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